A Worker-Owned
Childcare COOP

Beyond Care Childcare Cooperative

A socially responsible cooperative business whose members provide child care services.

We believe that every child deserves to be loved, that’s why we care for each one with the utmost respect. We also believe that children need more than just supervision, so we are trained to educate and engage them in ways that nurture and stimulate their development. Beyond Care was founded on the basis of democracy, equality, and justice. We promote living wage jobs in a safe and healthy working environment while promoting personal growth and educational opportunities for its members.

Our Services

Regularly Scheduled Hours

Set up a Regularly Scheduled Caregiver on flexible Full-Time or Part-Time routines. Great for families looking for 3-40 hours per week of childcare with a minimum of 3 consecutive hours/day. Office hours: 9 am - 5 pm (Mon - Fri).

After Hours: Rapid Child Care

Functions as a backup/ emergency/ occasional/ date-night type of childcare service with a minimum of 4 consecutive hrs/day. If there is a need for specially scheduled care, M-F, Sat, and Sun, we are at your service.

Nanny Share (2 Families)

You can book a single nanny to share between two families. The care has to be for two children simultaneously. This is such a smart and cost-effective way to give care to and as a community.

Group Child Care

This service is for companies and organizations looking to provide childcare for various sized groups of children during their special events, workshops, and conferences. This can be long-term or short-term. Be sure to give us advanced notice so we can appropriatly accommodate your needs.

Our Clients Say

“I’ve used them several times and the sitters are excellent. Every sitter I've had was experienced and comfortable watching three kids. I've found them very reliable and prefer them to other services”.
Michelle Ciulla, Parent
My husband and I can go to work with peace of mind, knowing that our children are lovingly cared for by our wonderful Beyond Care nanny. We are impressed by the Beyond Care cooperative and grateful to have found such a caring, thoughtful, and trustworthy caregiver for our children.
Mother Of Two Children
Beyond Care made it easy to find someone trustworthy to watch children during our meetings, and they found them fast. I have worked with two women from the cooperative, and both have been punctual and professional.
Kara Gagnon, The Fifth Avenue Committee
Our nanny is really sweet and energetic with the baby. Plus, their cooperative is a wonderful worker model with good member participation.
Malini Cadambi, Parent

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