Services and Rates

Regularly Scheduled Hours

  • Set up a Regularly Scheduled Caregiver on flexible Full-Time or Part-Time routines. This is great for families looking for 3-40 hours per week of childcare with a minimum of 3 consecutive hours/day. Office hours: 9 am - 5 pm (Mon - Fri).

Nanny Share (2 Families)

  • A single nanny is shared between two families to care for two children simultaneously. This is a cost-effective way to give care to a community.

After Hours: Rapid Child Care

  • Functions as a backup/ emergency/ occasional/ date-night type of childcare service with a minimum of 4 consecutive hrs/day. If there is a need for specially scheduled care, M-F, Sat and Sun, we are at your service.

Group Child Care

  • For companies and organizations looking to provide childcare for various sized groups of children during their special events, workshops and conferences.

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We believe that when a worker receives 100% of the fee charged, they will give 110% of themselves to the job at hand.
Beyond Care members work for themselves and are motivated not only by their love of children and need to earn a living, but also by a commitment to fairness in wages and treatment.